Sunday, December 02, 2007

Where do you Rank?

I read an article in the Providence Journal yesterday regarding MLS agents in Rhode Island and the measurement of their sales. A side is considered each end of a transaction, ie, Listing side and buying side. If you listed and sold the same property you have two sides.

This article breaks down by percentages how many sides are completed by each agent. The article was mostly referring to the difference between new agents (this year) and more experienced agents, however it gives a good synopis of probability of sales.

•36.24 percent had no sides
•38.51 percent had 1 to 4 sides
•16.4 percent had 5 to 10 sides
•8.85 percent had 11 or more sides

Keep in mind that these are Rhode Island statistics and may vary in other states, yet will give you an idea where you rank in sales.

From these statistics, we can narrow down to 75% 4 sides or under and 25% 5 sides and over.

Image from Beacon Learning Center. Article from

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