Sunday, April 29, 2007

15 Aurora Avenue Cranston RI

Don't miss this opportunity! At the end of a dead end street. Many upgrades already done, just needs a little TLC!!!
Make this your first home.
Offered at just under $205,000!
This is a foreclosed home. In Rhode Island sometimes these are the "best" ways of affording a home. If you are even the least bit handy, this is a perfect starter home, with three bedrooms, carport, secluded yard, fireplace, partially finished basement with bath, Central air!!
Please bring proof of funds with all offers!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My First Home

I was reading a comment on another blog of mine today, and someone mentioned how we, as Realtors, bring our lifetime experiences to the table of Real Estate. It made me think of my first home buying experience. When we first start out looking for a home, we are very excited. We check out all the websites and look through all the Virtual Tours and ride by as many homes as we can. This can go on for a couple of years. After awhile, we start getting serious and call a Realtor. Now we are still looking on the websites and sending him/her what we find and he/she is sending homes to us. We are starting to check out the insides of these homes. It's still very exciting. We can picture ourselves, or not, in some of these homes. We start to narrow down our choices, because the more homes we look at the more we can realize what we actually like or dislike about a home. Then one day, "this is it"! You know when you walk in the door that this is your new home. Now you go through the financial aspects of it and there is delay after delay, more paperwork needed, but you don't care, you just want the closing to be over with, so you can get in that house and start decorating! You have it all pictured in your mind, what you will buy and where everything will go. Then you move in. Well now you realize (actually you realized before but that was no fun), that you simply do not have the money to redo the entire house, buy furniture, appliances, rugs, etc. So you have to make do with one room at a time. Eventually, a lot of sweat equity can net you a very cozy place and right now Rhode Island Real Estate appears to have quite a few foreclosures on the market. You can pick up a neat little house for just under $200,000. Sure it will need work, but most of the homes I have seen need the basics that you would do in your own home anyway, once you lived there for awhile. So, if you're Realtor wants to show you some foreclosures, go ahead and look. You will need Vision and be able to picture how it will all look after you put in your own ideas, but your home will be worth more than you paid for it in no time at all. Now is the time to get a good deal, don't let it pass you by!