Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Realtor Vacations?

Should a Realtor take a Vacation?

It's been awhile since I have taken a vacation, so I decided to "block some time" and get away. The nature of Real Estate (in Rhode Island at least) means you are available 24/7! I have always pledged to get back to people in a minimal amount of time, by email, phone, etc., so to take a vacation means that I cannot do this.
Scheduling this vacation was more work than I thought. I had to go to each website that I use and block out the time, send emails to everyone and call the people I am working with. I am in the middle of a negotiating offer and counteroffers and if it doesn't happen today......???!!! Arrrghhh.
It was actually more work for me to prepare for this vacation then it would have been to stay home! Of course I had to get Jake (my dog) and Max (my cat) taken care of and Blackie (the feral cat that has visited me for 7 years twice a day) fed. I have to clean my house!~ LOL.
Okay, I am down to the wire now. Big question, should I take my laptop? Or should I go technologyless (that may not be a real word:) and just veg out. I am leaning torward the latter, but I feel guilty:) Well, see you when I get back. PS You can still email me so I guess that tells you what I decided. And to my new buyer that I met with on Monday, I am still searching. Guess I answered my own question. Realtors can not take vacations! See ya!

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