Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Housing Plan in a Nutshell

Is there a Silver Lining in all the latest Foreclosures and Doom and gloom in the Real Estate Market? Maybe...Have you heard about the most recent possible help you, as a delinquent homeowner, may have? Here is a synopsis, taken from Bloomberg News, highlighting the general conditions needed to qualify.

Under the proposal, mortgage servicers will work with borrowers to reduce monthly payments to 38 percent of their gross income, a threshold of affordability, by lowering the principal, reducing interest rates and extending the length of the loan term. The plan doesn't include money from the Treasury's $700 billion bank rescue and isn't mandatory for companies that received federal aid.
Conditions and Fees
Homeowners that qualify will receive notices about the program. Their loan modifications won't become final until they have made three consecutive payments, and there is no limit to the number of times a loan can be modified. The new payment will include all of the borrower's monthly housing costs, such as taxes and condominium payments.
Fannie and Freddie are paying mortgage servicers $800 to process each modification, which isn't available for investment or vacation properties. Fannie and Freddie will absorb the losses on loans or mortgage securities they own while investors in mortgage bonds guaranteed by the government-run corporations will bear a brunt of the losses on that debt.

So, if you qualify, you will receive a notice. Refinancing your home to 38% of your income will help you make those monthly payments, stay in your home and breathe a little easier! Basically, this percentage is what it "should" have been in the first place.

Maybe the Holidays won't be so bad, after all!

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Richard said...

If the fed keeps putting money into new mortgage paper with Fannies and Freddie, the money will eventually hit the market. So far it is only hitting in the conforming mortgages. I wrote about 10 weeks ago for the fed to borrow on long term treasury’s and put the money directly into new mortgages at low rates to get the market going. I also said they should provide investor financing to get the foreclosed homes bought and rented. Investor will bring a lot of capital to the market. All buyers must qualify under normal standards.
My investigation also finds the heavily hit markets are reacting to the lower prices and lower rates and volume is picking up nicely.

The banks can not get the money directly, they won’t lend or at least not at the rate and quantity we need. When a purchaser gets a mortgage, buys a property, the old mortgage gets paid off to the bank. The bank receives the money and the mortgage is retired. If the bank’s reserves we short to retire the mortgage that is another issue for their solvency.