Friday, March 23, 2007

Rhode Island Real Estate Buyers get Ready Now!

Spring is here and as most people know, a lot of homes are going on the market. Homes "look" better in the spring and its more fun to shop for a home when there's no snow on the ground. If you are looking for a home, I would advise you to get started now. You need to get yourself approved for a mortgage, find out how much you can afford and get looking. If you want to work with a Realtor, start looking for one you feel comfortable with, who will take the time to find out what you want and spend some serious time actually looking for your new home! Don't be discouraged by all the news you may have been hearing in Rhode Island Real Estate, about sub prime mortgages, foreclosures, stagnant markets....This is the time to find some good deals. Yes there are a lot of foreclosures. Yes there are a lot of houses on the market and yes, the 100% loans are going through a tough time. There are still great programs out there for you and a much wider spectrum of homes to choose from..So find a Realtor and start looking! Rhode Island Real Estate is hopping! Make sure you are ready. I have buyers now that are already approved with letters in hand. We are ready to make an offer as soon as we see the "right" home. Don't be left out of the game by not having your letter ready. Know your market and be prepared. This won't last forever!

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